Sunday, 11 June 2017

Benefits Of Essential Oil

Essential oils are highly concentrated and natural fragrant extracted from plants. The oils are extracted from flowers, bark, root, leaves etc. of a plant and are recommended for their therapeutic effect. They are believed to stimulate the brain, mind and body both psychologically and physically.

Types of essential oil:

Types of essential oil:

The different myriad of plants gave rise to diversification of essential oils, each of these oils useful and unique in its functions. There are so many to choose from and are available in stores and online. Some of them include:

Chamomile,     Lavender,
Clary sage,     Sweet orange,
Jasmine,     Rose,
Scotch pine,     Sandalwood,
Vanilla,     Peppermint,
Rosemary,     Lemon,
These oils are dispersed into the air through the use of a diffuser and hold many benefits for your body and home; these benefits include but are not limited to the following:

6 Benefits of Essential Oils:

1.    Insect repellant: mosquitoes, roaches and flies are repelled by the smell of essential oil. So you can rest easy, knowing that you won’t be disturbed by these insect or their attending disease.

2.    Soothes the mind and body: an important function of essential oil is its ability to stimulate the brain and senses towards relaxation. After a long day of solving figures and building contacts, you can come home to the soothing effect of essential oils.

3.    Helps with breathing allergies: some people find it difficult to breathe air that is ridden with impurities and smell, it can even lead to panic attacks for asthmatic patients. Fortunately, essential oils have the power to fight harmful microscopic organism circulating in the air and save you from allergic reaction.

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4.    Helps you relax and sleep:  having a diffuser in your bedroom to disperse fragrant from the essential oil of your choice is a sure way of prolonging your sleep time. The oils calm your sense and nervous system, luring you into a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

5.    Relieve pain faster: essential oils have a therapeutic effect that relieves pain in the joints and muscles. This is the reason why it is used in hospital and spas to help a patient heal faster. Using a diffuser with your essential oil ensures that it circulates all around the atmosphere to work wonders in your body. 

6.    Fight airborne disease. Like previously noted, essential oils fight air contaminant and bacteria that litter the air waiting to be breathed in so they can wreak havoc on your body system. But using essential oil in the home keeps you and your family protected from these diseases.

Whatever the purpose, essential oils are overall beneficial in keeping your body and mind sound and running.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Things to Consider Before Shopping For A Whole House Air Purifier

Whole house air purifiers are electrical appliances that trap microns and other contaminants in the air of an entire building. It works by drawing in air contaminants, purging it of all impurities and dispersing it back into the atmosphere cleaner and healthier.  Contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, allergens, dust, tobacco smoke, stale odour, medicine smell, cooking smell, paint odor, decay food, dust etc. are neutralized by  the air purifier.

Things to Consider Before Shopping For A Whole House Air Purifier

Unlike stand-alone unit, whole house air purifier is built into the HVAC unit of the building, making it possible for every room to be air-purified simultaneously.

Over the years, different models of air purifiers promising improved filter technology flood the market. As a result, buying a suitable whole house purifier that would be all-round effective has always been a challenge. But this article aims to help in that regard by outlining some determinant feature to consider before making a purchase.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

1. Filter: naturally, all air purifier uses filter to purify the air. However, each filter has an advantage over the other. Knowing the filter type that a particular air purifier brand comes with can help with buying decision. They include:

  • HEPA filters: Highly effective. It removes dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and almost all pollutants present in the air. Recommended for home use.
  • Ultraviolet filters: Captures air particles and microbes through ultraviolet means. Used in hospital wards.
  • Electronic filters: Uses electrical charge to magnet dirt, particles and pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Ozone filters: Convert oxygen molecules into ozone, which in turn sterilizes the air before reforming as oxygen. Recommended for use in industries and not home because of the ozone gages emitted.
  • Flat filters: Made from fiberglass and efficient in capturing dust rather than microscopic air particles. It needs regular replacement.

2. Determine your immediate air purification need: some purifiers are efficient in killing bacteria while others are more in to odour removal. Yet others can efficiently do both work. Decide which would work for your household need.

3. Noise level: some brands of whole air purifier offer WhisperQuiet Operation, so if you are susceptible to noise, this should be a top criterion in your product search.

4. Warranty: this serves as insurance for you. Go for a product that offers warranty and after-sale service so you don’t run a loss in the short or long run.

5. Energy saver: some manufacturers offer eco-friendly brand along with other incentives. Electrical bill consideration should be a determinant for you.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

What Is a Whole House Dehumidifier?

What Is a Whole House Dehumidifier?
Defining a dehumidifier:
There are periods when the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable, even lethal due to high amount of water vapor in the air. At such times, a need arises to reduce the excess water level in the air. That need is aptly solved by a dehumidifier.

What Is a Whole House Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier works contrary to a humidifier; it removes the excess humidity in the air, making it dry and comfortable for living.  It comprises four basic components which include:

1.Fan compressor: The fan sucks in air from the atmosphere

2.The coils absorbs the moisture from the air

3.The re-heater: Heats up the air to be returned back to the atmosphere

4.The reservoir: It channels the moisture (water) gotten from the processed air and discards them appropriately.


A dehumidifier is important because excess humidity in the air can become harmful over time. For one it provides a conducive temperature for molds, bacteria, mild, fungi and mildew to grow. These microorganisms are causes of some of the diseases that attack the human body. They also cause damage to our properties like furniture, walls, curtain, bedspread and art work by weakening their properties.

A dehumidifier also prevents your electrical appliances such as laptops, computers, camera etc. from getting corroded. Food items too are prevented from getting stale or decayed easily.
Whole house dehumidifier

Now, instead of just getting a single dehumidifier unit; it is much more effective when a whole house dehumidifier is purchased. Why? A Whole house dehumidifier is often wired to the Central Air Conditioning unit of the house; as such, they power the entire household instead of just a single room. All the rooms in a building benefit from its dehumidifying effect at the same time. The air in the basement, living room, bedrooms, library etc. is made comfortable for all the house items and inhabitants.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Air Purifier Vs Smoking Homes

Have you ever experienced heavy smoke in your home before and you still don’t know what to do about it? This is not peculiar to you only, many household are faced with this challenges across the globe on daily base.

In my entire childhood days, is something I had to battle with growing up in a home that was always smoking and as a kid who nothing, thought is a normal phenomena especially during winter season when one can’t differentiate between winter air or smoky air as they seems to look alike.       

However, as I grow up I finally discover those homes that are smoky are not just natural but caused by us.  

For instance, your kitchen is the number one source of smoke to pollute your indoor air and if you are still not convince, your gas cooker, stoves and your hot foods emits smokes and that’s why you always find your kitchen always hot and full with smoke odors.  

Another cause of smoked home is from tobacco or cigarette. For addictive smokers or those who can’t stay minutes without smoking such people home will always be full with smoke and tobacco odor.    

And for those who live close to industrial places can be at risk of smoke from these sources on daily basis and you should understand that smoke is not good for overall health.

Carbon-monoxide (CO2) which is a component harmful component of smoke is dangerous, its can destroy the respiratory system leading to cancer of the lungs, and this happens because of shortage of blood as a result of interference of CO2 with the hemoglobin.

And for parents with newborns, smoke will damage their system faster as their organ is yet to be fully developed and I know you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your young ones.

Have you also though about why your eyes are always red when at home and sometimes, you feel like scratching them? This is as result of smoke that has entered into them.

However, restoring your home from smoky atmosphere is what should be your next step if you want a home free of smoke. There are many ways to get rid of smoke from home but one fastest mean is by using air purifier designed for smoke. expert outlined some guidelines to choosing the best air purifier for smoke, so if you think of having a home free of smoke you can visit the guide.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Nasal Irrigation Benefits: What You Need Know About Nose Cleaning


Nasal Irrigation Benefits: What You Need Know About Nose Cleaning
The nose is a major organ of your body that allows the passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the body respectively. But like every other part of the body it is susceptible to internal and external factors that cause a malfunction. During cold seasons the nose can become congested with mucous leading to headache, sneezing, moodiness and a general feeling of discomfort.

Other nasal medical conditions can be caused by bacteria or fungi infections, cold, allergies, drug reaction, asthmatic inflammations or immune disorders. Such disease could be: sinusitis, hay fever, nose bleed, anosmia, polyp etc. and they cause great pain and discomfort. Engaging in preventive measure helps to reduce the rate at which the nose is attacked. And one of these measures is known as nasal irrigation.

Definition of nasal irrigation

Nasal irrigation is the practice of washing the nasal cavity to flush out mucus, allergens or other particles from the nose and sinuses. It is a personal hygiene routine that promotes nasal health. It also refers to using nebulizers or saline nasal spray to soften and moisten the mucous membrane. Studies and reports have shown that is highly beneficial in the long run to control nasal problems.

Benefits of nasal irrigation

  • Performing nasal irrigation daily keep your nose clean from bacteria and allergen you may have inhaled through the day. This helps to nip disease in the bud before they sprout.
  • It helps to relieve symptoms of colds, flu, allergies or sinusitis for a patient suffering from it. Both children and adult alike.
  • The saline solution used in nasal irrigation cleans out the nasal passages and restores moisture to the mucous membrane. This helps you to breathe better.
  • The saline solution used in nasal irrigation help to improve the speed and functionality of the cilia. With this, they can effectively push out the allergens and mucous that cause sinus problems out of the nose.

Keeping your nose and sinus healthy doesn’t have to cost you much; regular nasal irrigation ensures that you are saved from discomfort and pain that comes from nasal diseases.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Water Flosser: Overview And Buying Guide

The human body needs all the food it can get to stay healthy and strong. Our mouth comprising the teeth and tongue is the passage way where all the food we eat are broken down and moistened before they reach our body for further processing. For that reason, these two important organs need to be kept healthy always.

Water Flosser: Overview And Buying Guide
While brushing the teeth at least twice a day is a good way of keeping the mouth healthy, it is not totally effective in itself. Flossing is just as much an integral part to having a healthy mouth. Flossing involves removing food and plaque from the teeth with a dental floss. You can use either the string or the water flosser for this purpose to get rid of food particles that are insidious.

The water flosser is an electrical appliance for flossing through the use of water gushing out in a forceful pressure. It is this force that pushes between the teeth to remove trapped bacterium and food particles.  It is recommended because of some of the benefits it holds such as:

  1. It is easier and faster way to floss without the danger of hurting your tooth gums
  2. It not only cleans in between the teeth, but help to maintain a healthy gu
  3. The force of the water pushes out even the tiniest food particles or bacteria trapped in between the teeth and at far corners of the mouth.
  4. It is very effective in flossing dental implants like braces and crowns.
  5. Considering the importance of the water flosser, below are the guides or tips to factor when purchasing an all-round effective water flosser.

Water Flosser Buying Guide

Mobility: If you move around a lot, then you should go for brands that are portable. An example is the battery powered or cordless flosser.

Number of users: for a typical large family, a water flosser with various colored tips is ideal.

Size and space: This factor should be considered in relation to the space available to keep the water flosser. Compacted areas do not countertop water flosser, instead other model should be considered.

Personal lifestyle needs: Your flossing need could be flexible or patterned. For example, if you prefer flossing while bathing, then the shower flosser is ideal. Contrarily, other models ranging from the countertop, faucet or cordless can serve depending on your flossing needs.

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Monday, 16 January 2017

Sleep apnea therapy Treatment Consideration

Finding solution to your sleep apnea problem is important because it will save you some costly mistake and embarrassment that may result daytime sleepiness. Only few people really know what apnea condition is even when they know they are having breath cessation. This cessation is referred to as apnea in which people have pauses as they breathe during night sleep. In the US, majority of the population this breath disorder are categories into the adulthood which about 15 million to 20 million. The causes of sleep apnea is yet to be explained in detail but good measures has been put in place  so that people with this problem can help themselves.
Sleep apnea therapy treatment consideration

Apnea therapy is the treatment that is recommended for patients of this kind. The treatment does not involve surgical operation, with the help of sleep apnea machine and other supported devices you can start the therapy process. Before the treatment can be administered to you, you might have undergone a sleep test study to examine the current state of your breath pauses. Only through this means you will able to get the right pressure CPAP machine to meet your air intake. Although, many go straight to the market bypassing the test to buy their sleep therapy machine, this is not advisable if you want to have a comfortable therapy treatment moment.  

If it happens that your health physician is able to recommend the CPAP machine which is best for you, he should also inform you about getting a mask alongside as this what you will wear on your nose or mouth depending on your means of breathing.  There different types of CPAP masks for different sleeping position. Those who sleep on side should go for side sleepers CPAP mask, the full face mask is best for those that sleep on their back and others. In buying a CPAP mask, your priority should be base on the level of comfort such mask can afford when you wear it. You will be able to determine the right mask for your CPAP machine by reading users reviews and also through your sleeping position. provides has more details sleep apnea therapy treatment. However, as you start your treatment, make sure you use it consistently every night for an improved result. If you skip days, definitely your apnea will come back as the treatment is just a therapy not final solution.